Paperless post is the all-round email creation, distribution and reporting service. It allows you to create engaging, targeted email campaigns that give you the impact of printed communications, with more flexibility, less fuss and less cost.

Paperless enables you to contact your customers with professional emails, as often as you want, from the comfort of your desk, without involving your web agency or distribution company every time you want to send a campaign.


It couldn't be easier to create an email. We'll start you off by designing a bespoke email template, and then all you need to do is simply cut and paste your own content into the template. You can have as many templates as you want, so every time you want to do something a bit different, just give us a call and we'll create another template for you.

It's easy to manage lists of your recipients and tailor them to each campaign, either by importing an existing email subscriber list or starting a new list from scratch. Once you're happy with the look and content of the email and who it's going to, you can schedule your email to be delivered whenever you want, without you needing to be on hand to send it.

As soon as your subscribers start opening your campaign, industry-leading reports will be sent back to the paperless system. Simply login to your account and you can see how many recipients opened your email, which links they clicked, how many times they viewed it, what they did with it, and much more. This means you can measure the impact your email had and tailor future campaigns accordingly.

Want to know more? Simply call paperless post on +44 (0)117 972 8852 and we can set up a demo account for you straight away. Or click on the sign up link below to email us your contact details and any questions you may have, and we’ll call you back.

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